The FVS MAC Manager is a cloud-native FMA and RPHY controller for converged cable access solutions. Our flexible product delivery and performance make it possible to manage RPHY or RMAC (FMA). 

MAC Manager is a management entity that provides central control and management services for thousands of RMDs in a single entity, simplifying integration with the OSS/BSS and lowering the complexity and cost of OSS/BSS integration.

MAC Manager utilizes the Software-Defined Networking architecture by:

  • providing a single point of contact based on open and standardized APIs (RESTCONF) for operator’s back-office management systems simplifying operation and allowing for automation of configuration and management process;
  • virtualizing the network infrastructure to build a service platform for external Operators and utilize the concept of Virtual Network Operator / Open ACCESS for coaxial networks,
  • supporting third-party apps such as license systems for RMD in the field with no need to build additional communication systems.


Falcon V Systems’ MAC Manager can support any K8 deployment environment, allowing the operator to build the deployment according to their needs on a private or public cloud. The containerized architecture makes it possible to deploy MAC Manger according to the performance need – from a small test environment like a laptop/PC to highly scalable system that can support up to 5000 RMDs.

Large-scale MAC Manager enables management of FMA MAC Network Elements (MAC-NE) with a single point of contact for OSS/BSS:

  • Highly scalable Cloud-ready system that can scale up to 5000 RMDs,
  • Automated test deployment for Cloud confirming compliance and readiness for production,
  • Offloading data points to the modern data lakes Influx DB,
  • FMA NBI based on the RESTCONF API for automation,
  • Management of all FMA-compliant MAC-NEs such as RMD and vCORE for physical CCAP Cores – FMA-MMI YANG model compliance required,
  • Support for K8s private and public Cloud.


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