The Falcon V Systems’ Principal virtual Core acts as an RPD controller in a Remote PHY network. This type of architecture manages the life cycle of a RPD deployed in a CSP network.

Virtual Core is a modular architecture that can be deployed in a public or private cloud-native environment, making it the perfect centralized RPD management component solution.

Principal Core utilizes Generic Control Plane (GCP) to manage RPD in a multicore architecture:

In a multicore architecture, each service can be provided by either the Core function or the Traffic engine.

FVS Principal Core can act as a central management platform to manage all PHY-related resources between the multiple data functions, such as:

  • DOCSIS Core,
  • Video Core,
  • Video/OOB traffic Engines.

Cloud-native virtual Core(vCORE) that can control and manage RPD in a RPHY architecture:

  • Life cycle management of RPD – Upgrades, Multicore management (resource allocation),
  • Configuration of Video and OOB Traffic Engine over Static PW,
  • Standardized Management API based on the FMA (Flexible MAC Architecture) specification,
  • Support for K8s private and public Cloud,
  • Control of the analog part of the RPD node – Vendor-Specific TLV.

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