RPHY Monitoring is a platform to monitor the RPD solution and provide data to modern monitoring systems. This system is based on the FVS Principal Core solution with additional software modules that translate data to modern DB and monitoring systems.

FVS RPHY Monitoring Core can work as an AUX core, allowing it to connect to the current deployment without disrupting the current deployment.


Cloud-native virtual Core (vCORE) can monitor all RPHY spec-complaint parameters and offload them to modern data lakes:

  • Highly scalable pulling components gather data from multiple RPDs (GCP and L2TP),
  • Offloading data points to the modern data lakes Influx DB,
  • Rest API for integration with monitoring systems (for example, Zabbix),
  • Standardized API based on the FMA specification,
  • Support for K8s private and public Cloud.

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