We build software solutions based on Software-Defined Networking and Network Virtualization Functions, unlocking opportunities for true openness and interoperability in cable networks.

Today we face great challenges in transforming the current monolithic cable infrastructure into an interoperable environment suitable for multiple vendors. In response to this challenge, we have created a great team that values an agile mindset and the benefits of an empirical approach. We strive in our daily work to understand today’s cable environment, identify the future challenges and adapt to the changing needs – paving the way toward a virtualized and disaggregated cable ecosystem.

Our values shape the way we work:
with each other and our customers

We always seek to give our best by committing to continuous improvement and changing the way the team and the whole company operates.
We focus on what we have to achieve in the current Sprint, aiding us in furthering the product level.
is a cornerstone of our company. We value unconstrained communication and are all on first-name terms. We create an inspiring environment where we gladly share our ideas and look for the best solutions together.
Thanks to openness, an important base for building transparent communication, we have the courage to respond, to change how we behave, to experiment and to follow our own paths. We know that to achieve the assumed objectives it’s better to tell the hard truth rather than an easy lie.
We respect our weaknesses and differences, including in our opinions. We do not blame each other and do not judge when someone admits to a mistake; we prefer to draw conclusions for the future so as not to make similar errors again.
We value honesty, both in a business relations and as co-workers. We place a premium on sincere and open communication. We take full responsibility for the promises we make.
Learning is a continuous process, because this is the only way to become the best at what we do. We ensure the quality of our work; a decent minimum is not enough for us. We help each other and are happy to share our experience.
We look for creative solutions and ways to improve the way we work every day. We have the courage and determination to take up and pursue challenges. We eagerly get involved in sports and community initiatives.

Managed by mindset and guides, not by rules

Agile describes the values and principles that lead us to better methods of managing environments where great teams can grow and from which the best products emerge.

We work on ways to provide real value. That is why we do not play the blame-game if someone makes a mistake. We learn from them to avoid similar missteps in the future.

We accomplish short-term plans which lead to long-term plans. This it is all about being agile in management. Even though we deliver value in short spans, our direction is all the time directed toward a larger entity.

DevOps practises

Being agile and thinking lean lead to a focus on delivering value to the customer rather than concentrating on the single steps required for product delivery. Such an approach leads to thinking about software development as a whole life cycle. Development and operations no longer function as two isolated modules with limited communication. They become one coherent integrity, where automation, continuous delivery, and fast reaction to feedback are the main principles – the pillars of Dev/Ops.

Embracing the Dev/Ops philosophy by our Team was a natural extension of following Agile values and principles. We believe that close cooperation and shared responsibilities across development, software operations and business bring real value and efficiencies. What is more, by sharing the same goals with the same points of focus, involving continuous monitoring and improvement of all practises, we aim to achieve the target at a faster pace.

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