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Co-founded in 2018 by Liberty Global and VECTOR Group, Falcon V Systems intends to accelerate the delivery of essential virtualization technologies for DAA. In 2021, Charter Communications joined the Falcon V Systems ownership team as a secondary investor, and they solidified our efforts to build an interoperable, scalable, and disaggregated software ecosystem for the cable industry.

Throughout the development of DAA, our focus has been to deliver a portfolio of interoperable products, prioritizing cost-effective network automation and operational management products. Falcon V Systems’ software solutions enable MSOs to build and manage a DAA network that can solve today’s and tomorrow’s customer needs including fiber-based technologies

Innovation that Falcon V Systems brings to the industry

Multiple System Operators are upgrading their access networks to enhance the competitiveness of their connectivity services against passive optical networks. Their primary objectives are to boost service performance and reliability and to improve the profitability of their network infrastructure assets.


This improvement comes through virtualization, increased capacity density, utilization, power efficiency, and operational process enhancements. Two major architectural shifts facilitating this transition are the Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) and DOCSIS 4.0.

However, the shift to DAA architecture introduces heightened complexity and elevated costs for system testing and performance evaluation.

This is chiefly because of the increased number of distributed network nodes required, including virtual CMTSs (vCMTS) and physical R-PHY Devices (RPDs).

To address these challenges, we’ve developed the DAA DevOps Enablement platform. This offering consists of a comprehensive portfolio of individual software stacks.

The solution automates deployments and crucial testing procedures for large telco companies transitioning to DevOps.

What sets Falcon V Systems apart in the industry is our innovative approach to how Multiple System Operators will roll out products to their next-gen networks, leveraging the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) methodologies.

How do we work – DevOps practices

We are committed to delivering real value. Embracing agility and adopting a lean mindset allows us to prioritize delivering value to our customers rather than merely focusing on the individual steps of product delivery.

This perspective encourages us to view software development as an entire lifecycle. Development and operations cease to be two isolated units with minimal communication.

Instead, they merge into a cohesive entity where automation, continuous delivery, and prompt responsiveness to feedback are foundational – the pillars of DevOps.

Our team’s embrace of the DevOps philosophy was a natural progression from our adherence to Agile values and principles.

We firmly believe tight collaboration and shared responsibilities across development, software operations, and business yield genuine value and efficiency. Furthermore, by aligning our goals and continually monitoring and refining our practices, we aim to reach our objectives more swiftly.


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