We are a global technology innovator, providing cutting-edge, converged access software solutions for cable Multiple System Operators, unlocking opportunities for true openness and interoperability in cable networks.

The company was established in 2018 by Liberty Global and VECTOR Group to accelerate the delivery of key virtualization technologies for Distributed Access Architecture. Last year, we announced a strategic partnership with Charter Communications to develop the interoperable MAC Manager and support the operator in a smooth and safe transition toward distributed access. As a result, Charter can quickly deploy innovative services to its customers, introduce new technology partners expeditiously, and cost-efficiently drive the path to technology convergence.

We are the only joint venture with two Tier 1 MSOs that solidify our efforts in designing an interoperable, scalable, and disaggregated software ecosystem that benefits the cable industry as a whole.

Innovation that Falcon V Systems brings to the industry

The innovation that Falcon V Systems brings to the industry lies in how Multiple System Operators will deliver products to their next-gen networks using the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery approach. We are developing a broad portfolio of separate software stacks/products to make possible short delivery cycles of new features, and short testing cycles for software solutions such as Mac Manager, the vCore RPHY Monitoring Platform, and OSS/BSS and hardware solutions such as Remote-MAC Device (RMD), which enables real cloud-native agility in cable environments.

We have been focused on a highly interoperable product portfolio since the beginning of DAA and next-generation access networks. With DOCSIS 3.1 R-PHY mature and readily deployed in volume, the stage is now set for the transition to MAC-PHY alongside DOCSIS 4.0. Regardless of the choice, Falcon V Systems’ broad portfolio will help MSOs lay the foundation for the distributed access architecture.

Our key strategic goal is to develop an open DAA ecosystem supporting the transformation to next-generation access networks for the global cable industry, exceeding not only today’s requirements but also those in the years to come, including fiber-powered technologies.


Managed by mindset and guides, not by rules

Agile describes the values and principles that lead us to better methods of managing environments where great teams can grow and from which the best products emerge. We work on ways to provide real value. That is why we do not play the blame-game if someone makes a mistake. We learn from them to avoid similar missteps in the future.

We accomplish short-term plans which lead to long-term plans. This it is all about being agile in management. Even though we deliver value in short spans, our direction is all the time directed toward a larger entity.

„Today we face great challenges in transforming the current monolithic cable infrastructure into an interoperable environment suitable for multiple vendors. In response to this challenge, we have created a great team that. values an agile mindset and the benefits of an empirical approach. We strive in our daily work to understand today’s cable environment, identify the future challenges and adapt to the changing needs – paving the way toward a virtualized and disaggregated telco ecosystem.”

Małgorzata Górska, COO and Member of the Board

DevOps practices

Being agile and thinking lean lead to a focus on delivering value to the customer rather than concentrating on the single steps required for product delivery. Such an approach leads to thinking about software development as a whole life cycle. Development and operations no longer function as two isolated modules with limited communication. They become one coherent integrity, where automation, continuous delivery, and fast reaction to feedback are the main principles – the pillars of Dev/Ops.

Embracing the Dev/Ops philosophy by our Team was a natural extension of following Agile values and principles. We believe that close cooperation and shared responsibilities across development, software operations and business bring real value and efficiencies. What is more, by sharing the same goals with the same points of focus, involving continuous monitoring and improvement of all practises, we aim to achieve the target at a faster pace.

Our values shape the way we work: with each other and our customers

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