Ulf Andersson

Chief Executive Officer

Ulf Andersson is a global telco veteran with over 25 years of experience, including a wide range of leadership roles, from R&D through product management and partnerships to business development and sales. Most recently, Ulf served as CRO of Silicon Valley startup MobiledgeX until the company was acquired. Prior to MobiledgeX, he worked at Ericsson as SVP of BD & Sales for Tier 1 customers. In his spare time, Ulf loves boating, be it on the sea or lake, and likes playing golf when time permits.

Paweł Bobyk

Head of Engineering

Paweł Bobyk has more than 15 years of experience in building and leading IT professional teams in various digital and new technologies-based businesses and start-ups. It is challenging and satisfying for him to use his leadership, management, and soft skills to create well-functioning teams and processes that add value to the business. Pawel’s lifetime hobby has been the automotive industry, so in his spare time, he loves to follow car-related stories, motorsport news or spend time in the garage tinkering with his car. He also enjoys spending time with family on campsites and mountain hiking.

Emilia Chmielewska

Human Resources

Emilia has been a solid foundation and Falcon V Systems supporter since the company was established in 2018. As a highly skilled professional, she knows that no single approach is right for every individual, so she places a premium on understanding the needs of the team and future candidates. Emilia sees great value in direct contact, and draws energy from it, meaning she’s always present in the right place, and at the right time. The most positive member of the team, trying to learn a lesson from every challenging situation, as she believes we all have a tomorrow for a reason.

Tadeusz Ciesielski

Chief Strategy Officer

Tadeusz has been operating in the telecommunications market for more than 20 years. He’s the driving force behind Falcon V Systems technology growth, revolutionizing access networks in favour of disaggregated, interoperable and free of vendor lock-in environments. As a recognizable member and participant of various CableLabs working groups, he is passionate about building solutions around DAA, NFV and SDN with the ultimate goal of building lean and agile telco solutions that can help digitize the cable industry.

Gabriel Davidov

VP Business Development & Sales

Gabriel Davidov has over 20 years of experience in the telco industry with roles in R&D, technical sales, and business development. Recently he worked in Global Business Development with Tier 1 operators at MobiledgeX. He has also worked in Technical Solution Sales at leading telco vendors such as Ericsson and Nokia. In addition, Gabriel has worked as CTO and head of Product Management for a startup offering a professional video production SaaS iOS service. He enjoys traveling, having visited 25+ countries, and is an avid sports fan following his favorite Dallas sports teams as well as European soccer, F1, and cycling.

Andriy Korud

Chief Technology Officer

Andriy's great passion is developing leading-edge technologies and their practical application in the telco industry to bring connectivity to a safer and more accessible way of communication. With 20+ years of experience, he has repeatedly proven that the "sky is the limit". He encounters great satisfaction in sharing his broad technical knowledge and expertise with colleagues, customers and partners, where he also finds improvement inspiration. He finds rock climbing, hiking, figure skating and urban exploration to be the best ways of refreshing his mind.

Michał Skiba

VP of Product Management

Michał Skiba has over thirteen years of experience managing server compute acceleration, data center networking, and cloud computing product lines, often from concept definition and securing initial funding to public launch and scaling market adoption through commercial and industry partnerships. Before joining Falcon V Systems, Skiba held positions at Cisco, Intel, MobiledgeX (acquired by Google Cloud), Amazon Web Services, and Groq, an artificial intelligence hardware startup.