Streamline and Secure
Your Network Operations

The Deployment Manager enables network operators to streamline DAA device configuration at scale, yielding significant time-to-completion and labor cost savings while ensuring proper sequencing, consistency, and complete control.

Automated DAA device & service configuration preparation
and deployment across your entire product network

Automated device configuration preparation

Recalls the latest fully-verified device and service

Comprehensive visibility and full control

Operations staff can intervene and adjust as needed at any time

Greater scale per maintenance window

While maintaining consistency, completeness, and correctness.

Multi-vendor support

Supports DAA devices from leading vendors.

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Artifact Generation & Packaging

Prepares fully verified, region-specific device and service configurations for rapid deployment

Deployment Staging

Implement faster changes while ensuring quality and maintaining complete control

Artifact Generation
and Packaging

Configuration changes, developed and tested in a continuous integration pipeline, are automatically assembled and packaged together with release notes, which are compressed, encrypted, versioned, digitally signed, and securely archived. Regional network differences are automatically accounted for and tracked as variants of the same release.

Save time and ensure consistency and compliance


  • Automatic device & service configuration release management
    Reduces manual file management, saving time and ensures consistency and compliance
  • Seamlessly tracks regional variations
    Prevents device and service misconfiguration
  • Automated archiving
    Enables configuration rollback and auditing

Deployment Staging

Automates DAA device access and provisioning in production networks while providing operational staff complete control over the process and comprehensive visibility. Ensures consistency, completeness, and accuracy of all changes during each change window by significantly reducing manual procedures.

Once a deployment has been completed, the network inventory is automatically updated, and critical process metrics are collected. This eases issue reproduction and root cause analysis, improving network service reliability and performance.

Greater scale during each change window, while ensuring consistency, completeness and correctness


  • Increase scale per maintenance window
    While ensuring consistency, completeness and correctness
  • Provide fully comprehensive visibility and complete control while minimizing manual touchpoints
    Operations staff can intervene and adjust as needed, at any time
  • Multi-vendor support
    Single interface supports leading DAA device vendors
  • Network inventory automatically updated
    Reduces the need for manual entry or verification


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