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The Ops Test Suite orchestrates regression testing in production networks while deploying network devices and services, improving productivity, repeatability, and correctness during maintenance windows.

Upgrade your network faster
and with greater confidence

Detailed and extensive testing

Covers all aspects of R-PHY device & service validation

Verify intended changes

Automatically compares post-deployment device & service performance to outcomes of lab tests


Validated with R-PHY devices from leading hardware vendors

Seamless integration

Can be automatically triggered by the Deployment Manager to provide immediate insights on configuration changes

Higher quality outcomes

Improves productivity, repeatability, and correctness during maintenance windows

Real-time visualization and reporting

Understand all changes being made, both during and after

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Accelerate DAA network performance, reliability, and efficiency improvements with the Ops Test Suite.


Verifies network readiness, availability, policy & service compliance, and interoperability with key network services, such as DHCP, ToD, and PTP servers. As regression tests are run, their results are compared to those collected during development, such as using the R-PHY Test Suite.

Location-specific configuration variances are handled seamlessly and automatically. Additionally, periodic automated canary tests can be invoked to complement continuous network monitoring with detailed end-to-end service tests and comprehensive R-PHY device state verification.

Automated, comprehensive device & service deployment validation


  • Broad device and service test coverage
    Ensuring correct, consistent, and performant device & service functionality in production networks
  • Automated outcome verification
    Compares against regression test outcomes in the testing environment, and device & service KPIs
  • Periodic automated canary tests
    Provides detailed end-to-end service testing & R-PHY device state verification to complement monitoring solutions

Scalable software solution

Telemetry is collected from hundreds of DAA devices simultaneously, correlated, and written into a robust database entirely under the MSO’s control – all with minimal manual intervention. All data is completely owned and controlled by the MSO. There are no additional costs or accounts to manage, and no data is transferred to external cloud services.

Data polling rates and retention periods can be customized, and backups can be performed both periodically and continuously, and point-in-time recoveries are possible. RESTful API interfaces enable integration with other MSO monitoring systems and data stores and the entire solution can be run on an x86-based COTS host running Linux.

Get more done, with greater confidence, during each change window




  • Reduces manual intervention and human error
    No need for manual test setup, sequencing and supervision
  • Ensures consistency across the entire network
    Through robust automation and seamless multi-vendor support
  • All data remains locally, under MSO’s control
    Enables full compliance with data governance policies

Real-time telemetry, visualization, and automated reporting

Aggregates and visualizes real-time telemetry via a customizable analytics dashboard to accelerate root cause analysis. Test reports are automatically generated in PDF format with detailed test procedure descriptions, input values, and results.

Furthermore, network changes and their associated documentation can be automatically exported to a Source of Truth.

Comprehensive, real-time network change visualization and reporting


  • Real-time visualization
    Allows all changes being made to be fully understood, both during and after the maintenance window
  • Automated report generation
    Test setups and results are automatically compiled into PDF format for easy sharing and archiving
  • Automatic Source of Truth updating
    Ensures that knowledge about the current network state is always current and well documented


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