Maximize cable
access network competitiveness

High performance DOCSIS 3.1/ESD vCMTS that offers full control and interoperability without sacrificing modern functionality.

DOCSIS 3.1/ESD vCMTS Architecture

Enhance cable access
network efficiency

Multi-gigabit throughput

Maximizes the competitiveness of existing cable plants.

Rapid and automatic performance scaling

Maintains efficient use of server platform resources

Broad server platform support

Reduces costs while providing deployment and operational flexibility.

Fully standards compliant

Maximizes interoperability while minimizing customization and support burden

Interoperable with leading RPD vendors

Simplifies testing and reduces vendor lock-in

Real-time streaming telemetry

Provides rich troubleshooting data to minimize service disruptions

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Multi-gigabit performance to maximize cable plant competitiveness

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Scalability and Flexibility

Rapid performance scaling while maximizing server platform choice

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Fully Standards-Compliant

Minimizes integration and support burden while maintaining broad interoperability

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The DOCSIS 3.1/ESD vCMTS from Falcon V Systems supports channel bonding and complex modulation schemes to sustain multi-gigabit throughput and maximize the competitiveness of existing cable plants.

Existing infrastructure supporting legacy DOCSIS 2.0/3.0 cable modems can be easily augmented by adjusting OFDM/OFDMA channel reservations.

Multi-gigabit performance for improving the competitiveness of existing cable plants


  • Multi-gigabit throughput
    Maximizes the performance and competitiveness of existing cable plants
  • Supports DOCSIS 3.1 and Extended Spectrum DOCSIS
    Augment legacy infrastructure without affecting existing subscribers

Scalability and Flexibility

The containerized microservice architecture leverages Kubernetes for rapid performance scaling and lifecycle management, and supports industry standard virtualization platforms. Furthermore, deployments are not constrained to specific server hardware platforms, and supports both 64bit ARM and x86 processors, enabling MSOs to reduce cost, power consumption, lead time and consolidate their physical footprint.

The vCMTS can be run on standard Linux distributions, which supports the eXpress Data Path (XDP) for highly performant data plane operations, and which simplifies compute infrastructure management.

Falcon V Systems implements an agile development methodology with comprehensive testing and secure analysis that enables frequent software releases, rapid issue resolution and high feature velocity.

Rapid scalability that maintains optionality for server infrastructure




  • Rapid and automatic performance scaling with Kubernetes
    Efficiently handles variations in network load without manual intervention
  • Supports both x86 and ARM platforms
    Allows for procurement and operational cost reduction and provide operational flexibility
  • Rapid release cycles
    Ensures that issues are rapidly addressed and new capabilities are added quickly

Fully Standards-Compliant

The DOCSIS 3.1/ESD vCMTS is fully compliant with CableLabs’ CCAP YANG model, which can be interfaced via a secure and performant RESTCONF API. It interoperates with Remote PHY devices from leading vendors through the GCP protocol and supports zero-touch provisioning of new RPDs that are introduced into the network.

Real-time telemetry is continuously streamed out to a graphical dashboard that provides enhanced data clarity and correlation, and rapid access to concise historical data. Furthermore, the DOCSIS 3.1/ESD vCMTS interoperates with MSO’s preferred OSS, monitoring and reporting platforms.

Maximize interoperability and minimize operational cost without losing functionality


  • Fully standards compliance and performant API access
    Maximizes interoperability and minimizes customization cost and support burden
  • Interoperable with leading Remote PHY Device vendors
    Reduces integration costs and eliminates vendor lock-in
  • Real-time streaming telemetry
    Richer troubleshooting data accelerates root cause analysis to minimize service disruptions


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