Faster Issue Diagnosis

The R-PHY Monitoring Platform Provides a unified view into the configurations, operating state, and performance of thousands of RPDs in your network, enabling a unified, comprehensive and time-correlated view to accelerate issue diagnosis.

R-PHY Monitoring Platform Architecture

Vendor-neutral solution enabling rapid fault triaging while maintain complete data ownership

No need to manually log into RPDs

All telemetry is gathered and correlated automatically

Direct RPD access via GCP

Provides more comprehensive insights than via SNMP


Enables faster fault isolation and more accurate network capacity planning

Highly scalable solution

The solution can track thousands of Remote PHY devices across your production network

Complete data ownership

No additional cloud storage costs or restrictive data retention policies

Single Pane of Glass

Simplifies monitoring, event correlation and issue triaging.

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Comprehensive real-time telemetry

The R-PHY Monitoring Platform can gather telemetry directly from RPDs in your network via the Generic Control Protocol (GCP) and supports all CableLabs-defined TLVs, which provides more complete and detailed data, in a more performant manner, than via SNMP.

All leading RPD vendors are supported; enabling faster fault isolation, more detailed performance comparisons between Remote PHY devices and more accurate capacity planning.

Automatically gather detailed telemetry from any RPD in your network

Key telemetry retrieved:

  • Ethernet statistics
    Packets received, sent, dropped & aggregate throughput; L2TP insights
  • SFP module
    Transmit and receive power levels and laser voltage
  • RF Interface
    Upstream transmission rates, SNR & error rates, and downstream carrier levels
  • Remote PHY device information
    CPU, RAM & disk utilization, power supply voltage, internal temperature, software & hardware versions, core assignment & connection status, RPD location
  • PTP
    Latency, offset, clock synchronization & master clock information

Scalable software solution

The received telemetry is amalgamated, correlated and written into a robust database fully under the MSO’s control. It can be extended beyond RPDs to include CCAPs, CIN switches and cable modems. No data is transferred to any external cloud infrastructure and all data is entirely under the ownership and control of the MSO, no additional costs are incurred, and no additional accounts need to be managed.

Data polling rates and retention periods can be customized, and backups can be performed both periodically and continuously, and point-in-time recoveries are possible.

RESTful API interfaces enable integration with other MSO monitoring systems and data stores and the entire solution can be run on an x86-based COTS host running Linux.

Scalable solution with full data ownership and customizable alarms



Test Automation Module

  • Highly scalable
    Can gather telemetry data from thousands of RPDs simultaneously
  • Customizable alarms
    Immediate notification when RPDs don’t meet set operating parameters
  • Data collected and stored locally
    Provides complete data ownership and avoids cloud-related data storage costs

Detailed visualization

Comprehensive “single pane of glass” for all Remote PHY devices in your network simplifies device and service monitoring, data correlation and issue triaging. Network faults that affect multiple elements, such as PTP clock synchronization, can be quickly root caused.

Furthermore, the effect of RF signal degradation and interference on data transmission rates and packet loss can be easily visualized and compared across a fleet of RPDs.

Single pane of glass for all RPDs simplifies root cause analysis.


  • Convenient data grouping across 12 data panes
    Eases navigation and search
  • Recall data from any captured time period, for any Remote PHY devices
    RPD performance can be compared before & after network changes, and during different network loads
  • Web-based interface
    Can be viewed from any device or web browser


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