Streamlined Precision,
Intelligent Adaptability

Automatically triggers DAA device & service testing for each proposed change, provisions test network and tracks change reviews and approvals.

Test Orchestration module interacting with Continuous Integration framework, Source of Truth, and R-PHY Test Suite. The Test Suite interacts with network services (DHCP, ToD, PTP) as well as vCMTS and R-PHY devices.

Accelerate network configuration testing
and change approval

Adaptive and automatic testing

enables higher quality, more compliant, and more secure network configuration changes

Secure collaboration with role enforcement

enables approval procedure compliance without hindering teamwork

Customizable review processes

stakeholder engagement can be adjusted based on the change impact

Maintain consistency with production networks

through automatic recall of current network settings

Improved test infrastructure security

through seamless access to secure credential repositories

Flexible version control

enables robust change histories to be maintained and informs deployment procedures

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Accelerate network configuration testing and change approval

Automated test sequencing

Orchestrates every test procedure that needs to be executed once a DAA device or service configuration change is ready for review – such as static code analysis, security policy analysis, unit tests, integration tests and end-to-end system tests. Individual tests can be composed as part of a pipeline that connects into – and is triggered by – a continuous integration framework, which can be either hosted in a public cloud and maintained by a third party or hosted entirely within the MSO’s environment.

Improve DAA device configuration quality, compliance & security – automatically and easily.


  • Adaptive test execution
    Leverage the R-PHY Test Suite to ensure robust test coverage
  • Secure cross-team collaboration
    Stringent access control facilitates test infrastructure security and integrity
  • Customizable review and approval process
    Set which stakeholders are engaged, and when, based on the change impact

Ephemeral environments

Test procedures that require interactions with physical network devices (in a lab) can leverage the ephemeral environments module to automate device provisioning and connectivity, take snapshots of the network state before, during and after testing, and clean up the environment (rollback).

Device access credentials are automatically pulled from a secure repository allowing for stronger passwords, keys & certificates to be used consistently and maintain test device integrity. Furthermore, the network devices and services under test can leverage current or prior production network configurations from a Source of Truth to better match the conditions in the production network.

Rapid and secure test network provisioning and snapshotting for each regression test


  • Automatic network provisioning for each test
    Significantly reduce manual effort for test device provisioning, snapshotting and rollback
  • Seamless interface with secure access credential storage
    Improves test device access security through automatic use of strong passwords, robust keys and certificates
  • Enforce consistency with production network settings
    Ensuring that network change verification is in sync with the state of the production network

Analytics & Traceability

Once tests commence, their process can be easily monitored in real-time, and upon completion, (PDF) reports can be generated, shared and archived along with the configuration parameters for future recall and comparison.

Completed test procedures and reviewed results can be cryptographically signed to improve traceability, and the final configurations can be tagged to reflect release information, target devices, services & regions, and to inform future deployment procedures.

Provides comprehensive test visibility and automatically documents outcomes


  • Full visibility and automatic documentation
    Reduces manual report generation effort while improving quality & completeness
  • Flexible version control
    Enables robust change histories to be maintained and informs deployment procedures
  • Traceability
    Comprehensive logs can be viewed in real-time and exported for future analysis


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