Accelerate DAA Network Device
and Service Testing

The R-PHY Lab Test Suite enables network operators to verify proper R-PHY device
functionality, identify network bottlenecks and interoperability mismatches, prevent potential failures, and make more informed capacity planning decisions.

R-PHY Lab Test Suite Architecture

One solution. Multiple benefits

Falcon V Systems’ advanced regression testing, automation,
and analytics tools reduce testing time and accelerate root cause analysis

Detailed and
Extensive Testing

Covers all aspects of R-PHY device and service validation, enabling a broader test scope


Adjust test parameters to desired functionality and quality-of-experience targets


Validated with CCAP
and R-PHY devices from
leading vendors

Rapid and
Repeatable Testing

Significantly reduces test cycle time, manual effort, human error, and inconsistencies


Extensive control plane metrics aggregation and real-time data visualization

Automated Report

Test setups and results are automatically compiled into PDF format for easy sharing and archiving


Enhance Network Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency with The R-PHY Lab Test Suite Designed to Accelerate Your Network Transformation

Regression Testing Module

Facilitates automated regression testing of service core and R-PHY Devices (RPD’s) from leading vendors, their interaction with network services (DHCP, PTP, ToD), and end-to-end network performance. It’s a cost-effective alternative to manual tests that can take up to 160 engineering hours for each software release and are prone to configuration errors and drift.

Significantly reduced test cycle times can enable operators to test more extensively, and more frequently, reducing time-to-deployment and improving network performance and reliability, especially when devices under test contain updated firmware or software that addresses stability and/or security shortcomings, or introduces improved functionality.

Say goodbye to the complexities of vendor-specific procedures

Proven interoperability across various RPD vendors eliminates the maze of vendor-specific test setups

Regression Testing Module

  • Extensive and accurate test harnesses
    Generate detailed insights for root cause analysis and optimizations
  • Multi-vendor support
    Eliminate the need for vendor-specific test procedures and exceptions
  • Significantly reduced test cycle times
    Accelerate CCAP and RPD validation cycles and reduce operational expenses

Test Automation Module

Sequences multiple regression tests to further compound productivity gains by eliminating idle time between tests.

Extensive test procedures can be scheduled at any time, relieving engineers of tedious test coordination and allowing them to focus on analysis, debugging, and optimization.


No more tedious test coordination

Elevate your testing game with precision and ease!


Test Automation Module

  • Reduces manual intervention
    No need for manual test setup, sequencing, and supervision
  • Saves time
    Idle time between tests is eliminated; shortening the time to insights
  • Flexible scheduling
    Test batches can be scheduled to run at any time, further increasing productivity

Analytics Module

Aggregates and visualizes real-time telemetry via a customizable analytics dashboard that correlates events and errors in time to accelerate root cause analysis.

Test reports are automatically generated in PDF format with detailed test procedure descriptions, input values, and results.

Resolve issues faster and with greater confidence

Enhance speed and certainty in issue handling

Analytics Module

  • Detailed analysis with a modern visualization platform
    Accelerates event correlation and root cause analysis
  • Well formatted PDF documents
    Enable easy searching, sharing and future recall
  • All data remains locally, under MSO’s control
    Enables full compliance with data governance policies


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