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Network Operations

The RPD Director automates the assignment of RPDs to service cores (DOCSIS, Video, OOB, etc.) optimally based on real-time network and operating parameters defined by the MSO, referenced from a Source of Truth.

It is possible to assign RPDs to multiple cores according to their role: Principal, Auxiliary, and Backup. It eliminates the need to manually provision Core assignments, either during initial provisioning or following a network topology change.




RPD Director Architecture

Simplify remote PHY device management, ensure optimal configuration, and maintain a holistic view of your infrastructure.

Boosted Productivity with Automation

Less manual enables technical staff to focus on higher value tasks

Consistency and Standardization

Eliminate human errors and configuration drift, ensuring accurate configuration every time

Risk mitigation

Minimize errors in complex configurations, bolstering system reliability and reducing downtime

Cost efficiency

Save on staffing and training, while optimizing resources and eliminating wasteful repetition

Simplified onboarding process

Greatly reduces RPD onboarding time relative to manual procedures

Efficient Resource Utilization

Through optimal RPD configuration and core assign based on actual network state

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The Topology Mapping Module (TMM)

Determines the best allocation of cores for each RPD based on information derived from the MSO network. This module uses real-time metrics and operational parameters such as core utilization and service group availability to load balance the RPDs dynamically. Depending on the requirements and constraints of the MSO infrastructure, several types of load-balancing logic can be set, including Round-Robin and Least Connections.

RPD Steering Module (RSM)

Steers RPDs towards their designated cores during startup

Source of Truth (SoT)

Data store contains information about available cores, RPDs, and the mapping between them

Workflow Engine (WFE)

Processes data from the Source of Truth to automate the RPD onboarding process, prepares service core configuration for new RPDs being introduced into the network.

Streamline your RPD onboarding experience

Product features:

  • The RPD Load Balancing
    Dynamic steering of RPDs, based on real-time metrics like Core utilization, Service Group availability, and operational parameters predefined by the operator.
  • Core Config Generating
    Automating the RPD onboarding process by preparing core configuration for assigned RPDs.


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