Maintain, scale, and operate your network cost-effectively.

Reduce complexities in multi-vendor environments,
and automate the processes of network verification, deployment, and maintenance.

See what drives us to accelerate your network transformation


Empowering Multiple System Operators (MSOs) on an improved evolution path toward an interoperable ecosystem


Enabling automation and driving openness in access technologies with our software portfolio


Proven and trusted products for network transformation, orchestration, and automation

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Unlock your network’s full potential with our DAA DevOps Enablement Platform

DAA DevOps Enablement Platform

helps large telco providers make
a stepwise and smooth transition to DevOps by automating key testing procedures and deployment

Improved TTR

Faster deployments lead to a quicker revenue realization

Greater Efficiency

Automated testing and monitoring 

Streamlined Adoption

Facilitating a smoother adoption process for telecom operators transitioning to DAA

Enhanced Automation

Optimized operations and reduced manual errors to improve system performance

Operational Excellence

Improved workflows and operational processes for higher quality service delivery

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Our portfolio prioritizes the automation and security of complex transformation projects, from deployment to operation, with key network components for advanced orchestration and robust testing frameworks

  • Regression Tests
  • Test Automation
  • vONU
  • vR-OLT
  • Regression Tests
  • Test Automation
  • Artifact Gen & Packaging
  • Workflow Planning
  • Deployment Staging
  • Field Trial
  • Canary Tests
  • Production Regression Tests
  • Source of Truth
  • Visualization
  • RPD
  • OLT

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