• Both companies’ continued efforts in building an interoperable product portfolio for the future multi-vendor environment were demonstrated during the most recent CableLabs® FMA Interoperability event.
• Vecima extends industry-leading interoperability across its globally deployed, revenue share leading Entra™ MACPHY product portfolio.
• Falcon V Systems confirmed its leading role in bringing an interoperable and FMA specification-compliant MAC Manager to the Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) Market.

Victoria, B.C and Gdynia, Poland – (May 10, 2022) – Falcon V Systems and Vecima Networks, two significant Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA) contributors, announced a vital interoperability enhancement in a multi-vendor environment, demonstrated at a recent CableLabs® FMA event. The joint efforts of both companies demonstrate meaningful momentum in building a scalable and disaggregated network ecosystem where thousands of third-party Remote MAC Device (RMD) enabled nodes and FMA Compliant vCores can be managed by one vendor-agnostic MAC Manager.

“Falcon V Systems and Vecima’s presence and active participation at the CableLabs interoperability event brings enormous value to the cable industry,” said Jon Schnoor, Principal Architect, Wired Technologies at CableLabs. “The vendor ecosystem is gaining momentum in bridging the gap between today’s siloed networks and the vision of a disaggregated, cloud-native infrastructure. Choosing open, Distributed CCAP Architecture (DCA) products compliant with the industry standards gives Operators one crucial advantage – the freedom of choice and reduced investment costs in the long run.”

Falcon V Systems’ software ecosystem products, including MAC Manager, enable Open DAA via standard interfaces, data models and testing automation. In order to achieve multi-vendor interoperability, the vendor demonstrated a Multi-Vendor Pipeline (MIP) application at the interop that validates the compliance of RMDs and MAC Manager with a set of CableLabs specifications. As a result, the Falcon solution enabled seamless interoperability validation between various vendors and thus accelerated FMA readiness with its related products.

Vecima’s end-to-end MACPHY portfolio, including the Entra Access Controller, has already been deployed by dozens of operators around the world. Vecima, named by Dell’Oro as the global revenue share leader in Remote MACPHY devices for 2021, is committed to interoperability across its entire DAA portfolio. The vendor is also planning to develop an FMA MAC Manager in the future, which is seen as an extension to its existing multi-platform Entra Access Controller product.

Falcon V Systems has been highlighted as a reliable vendor that consistently contributes to the CableLabs® community and interop events to make FMA a reality.

TADEUSZ CIESIELSKI, CHIEF technology and innovation officer, FALCON V SYSTEMS

The event hosted by CableLabs provides unique value in validating our Open DAA products portfolio in a multi-vendor environment lab and gathering immediate feedback to improve,” said Tadeusz Ciesielski, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, Falcon V Systems. “The results of the interoperability journey we started a few years ago in developing products for the distributed access market are now accelerating MSOs towards access technology convergence and sustainable delivery of new services. We’re proud to focus on next-generation access networks with an industry leader such as Vecima, who shares our vision that proprietary solutions from single vendors run counter to the deployment speed and flexibility required by service providers.”

“Vecima has been focused on a highly interoperable product portfolio since the beginning of DAA and next-generation access networks,” said Ryan Nicometo, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Video & Broadband Solutions at Vecima. “With our partner, Falcon V, and with CableLabs’ leadership, we’re showing that limitless broadband access is greatly enhanced by interoperable architectures. This interoperability event was significant for us in demonstrating our RMD enabled node is compliant with an emerging MAC Manager and as a proof point as we consider development of our own MAC Manager product. Vecima will continue to demonstrate our belief that open, interoperable access networks are a requirement as our industry moves toward 10G.”


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